Wrapcam: Innovative Photo Editor App for iOS Users

In the realm of photo editing applications, Wrapcam emerges with a unique twist on enhancing images. What sets it apart is its innovative feature that allows users to manipulate photos as if they were wrapping paper. This app is currently available for free until around noon PDT tomorrow.

Wrapcam offers a variety of presets that go beyond the standard filters for adjusting frame, color intensity, and more.

Users can interact with most filters by simply swiping across their device’s screen, enjoying effects like page curls and scroll features among many others.

Having tested the app with several of my existing photos, I was quite pleased with the enhancements. The app also supports live camera functionality, an undo feature, and a compare option which toggles between the original and edited images. Sharing options are comprehensive, covering most social media platforms and email.

Among the standout features is the Quicksharp filter, which impressively sharpens images.

Additional filters mimic the effects of rain, embossing, oil painting, and crayon textures. Wrapcam also includes built-in help and access to video tutorials for further guidance.

Given its current price tag of free, I highly recommend downloading Wrapcam soon. After the promotional period, the app will be priced at a modest US$0.99.


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