Breathalyzer Accessory Breathometer for iPhone Unveiled

The innovative device Breathometer aims to revolutionize the way we monitor alcohol consumption by integrating seamlessly with your iPhone.

This device offers a simple solution for checking whether your blood-alcohol content exceeds the legal limit.

Launched through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the Breathometer is designed to be discreet and portable, easily attaching to a keychain for accessibility whenever it’s needed.

The device connects directly to the iPhone via the audio jack and operates in conjunction with a dedicated app.

Users simply need to blow into the Breathometer to receive an instant readout of their current blood-alcohol level.

The accompanying app not only displays your BAC but also tracks it over time, helping you make informed decisions about when it might be safe to drive.

The Indiegogo campaign just kicked off, offering early backers the opportunity to secure their own Breathometer for a pledge of $20 or more.

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