Logitech Unveils New Keyboard Folio for iPad, iPad Mini

Logitech, a leader in iPad accessories, continues to expand its product line with the introduction of two new keyboard cases: the Keyboard Folio for iPad priced at $99.99 and the iPad mini version for $89.99. These new offerings build on the success of their Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, enhancing protection and style.

Unlike the Ultrathin Keyboard Covers, which only cover the front of the iPad, the new Keyboard Folios provide comprehensive protection by encasing the entire device. This design prevents scratches on the iPad’s back and incorporates a vibrant, foldable exterior.

Additionally, these folios include magnetic closures that automatically wake or put your device to sleep, and they feature a versatile flip stand that supports two viewing positions.

The Keyboard Folio is available in several eye-catching colors. The full-sized iPad model comes in Carbon Black, Fantasy Pink, Electric Blue, and Acid Yellow. Those opting for the iPad mini version can choose between Electric and Mystic Blue.

Logitech has designed these folios to be not only stylish but also highly functional.

The company claims that the battery life of the folios can support up to three months of typing, assuming two hours of use per day. This is consistent with the performance of their previous models, which have been well-received by users for their durability and battery efficiency.

These new Keyboard Folios are already available for pre-order directly from Logitech’s website. Logitech plans to make the Keyboard Folio accessible to customers in the United States and Europe starting in April, with the mini version expected to launch in May.

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