Mercury On-The-Go-Pro Enclosure Transforms Old Internal Drives

Many people believe that when their Mac laptops age, they have only two choices: to sell or discard them. However, there exists a lesser-known third option that can extend the life of your MacBook components — using a hard drive enclosure.

This device transforms any internal hard drive into an external one.

My recent experience involved the Mercury On-The-Go-Pro from OWC, which enabled me to repurpose a 500 GB internal hard drive from an old MacBook into an external drive compatible with the latest MacBook Pro featuring a Retina display. This transformation was remarkably straightforward.

Upon receiving the Mercury On-The-Go-Pro today, it took me less than half an hour to start using my old internal drive as an external one.

I had previously removed the hard drive from my old laptop, and converting it with the Mercury On-The-Go-Pro was effortless. I just placed the hard drive into the enclosure’s motherboard, secured it, and connected my new external drive to my Mac via a USB 3.0 port, achieving maximum data transfer speeds.

The enclosure not only includes a USB 3.0 port but also two FireWire 800 ports, enhancing transfer speeds on older Macs that do not support USB 3.0 but are equipped with the faster FireWire 800.


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