Live TUAW TV Showcase: Essential Tools and Fun Toys

In today’s episode of TUAW TV Live, we’re diving into the essential tools and gadgets that keep the digital world spinning. Highlighting the session is a demonstration of Ulysses III, a top-rated text editor. After reading a compelling review by Megan Lavey-Heaton on The Soulmen’s latest software, I was convinced to purchase Ulysses III along with its mobile version, Daedalus.

These tools are seamlessly integrated through iCloud or Dropbox, enhancing my productivity.

On the lighter side, we’ll explore a variety of intriguing gadgets currently being tested at TUAW Labs. While it’s uncertain if Shawn “Doc Rock” Boyd will join today’s live stream, his presence would certainly add excitement with his unique insights into the latest tech products.

Embedded below is a Ustream viewer for live interaction, and a chat feature for viewers to engage with the show. Tune in for a high-definition streaming experience.

For those on the go, watching TUAW TV Live while driving is not advised.

However, passengers can enjoy the live show via the Ustream App, which is optimized for both iPhone and iPad. Additionally, our live stream and chat are accessible via our Facebook page. Simply navigate here to join the conversation.

The live stream kicks off at 5 PM ET.

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