Button TrackR’s Indiegogo Campaign Extended: Never Lose Your Keys or Coat Again

In November, TUAW initially highlighted the Wallet TrackR during its Indiegogo campaign. This innovative device, designed to be tucked into a wallet or jacket, utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for prolonged battery life and seamless iOS compatibility.

Although initially set to ship in April, the delivery has only recently commenced. Chris Herbert, the CEO, expressed to TUAW that production delays were both inevitable and a source of frustration.

The initial samples from the manufacturer failed to meet Phone Halo’s quality standards, necessitating several additional production cycles. The units are now en route from China and are expected to reach early backers by month’s end.

Simultaneously, Phone Halo was developing their next product, the Button TrackR, which further refines BLE tracking.

This newer model is smaller, requires only one battery, and boasts a more stylish, compact design.

The Button TrackR, leveraging the same technology as its predecessor, incorporates advanced miniaturized circuitry allowing for a significantly reduced size. Redesigns driven by customer feedback have simplified the attachment process, making it easier to adhere the device to objects like remote controls, thanks to the included 3M double-sided adhesive tape.

An added feature is an attachment hole, which comes with a loop in the package, enabling users to attach the TrackR to keychains or even bracelets for children and pets.

When I initially reviewed the Wallet version in November, my family quickly became fans. Its beep-to-locate feature is particularly useful for locating keys hidden in sofa crevices—a scenario frequently tested by my children.

Moreover, the software can alert users when they leave tracked items behind, such as a coat in a restaurant—a feature that proved invaluable for items not typically carried in a pocket or bag. The BLE technology ensures that this feature is energy-efficient, even when the Phone Halo app isn’t actively running in the foreground.

With the introduction of Button TrackR, a new crowd-sourced recovery feature has become a cornerstone of the product.

While your phone can remember the last known location of an item, the real challenge is locating items beyond your phone’s range.

“We pondered how others could assist in locating your lost belongings,” explained Herbert. “Our solution was to update our software so that a lost device begins broadcasting a unique ID stored in the cloud. When other users with our app come near the tracker, their device detects the broadcast and sends the location back to us.”

This system links the device ID and location to your account, providing near real-time GPS tracking of all your lost items without requiring a subscription, unlike other services.

Concerned about privacy? The device’s signal remains inactive as long as it stays connected to its primary phone, only starting to broadcast if disconnected for over an hour. Importantly, other Wallet TrackR users who assist in locating your items remain unaware of your personal details or the device’s location, as this information is securely encrypted and transmitted.

If you’re interested in acquiring one or more devices, you can visit Indiegogo and place your order.


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