Rift Labs Launches iPhone-Controlled Photo Light with Full Color Spectrum

Enthusiasts at Photojojo recently shared their excitement about a new gadget for iPhone users. Dubbed The Kick, priced at US$179, this app-controlled lighting device offers adjustable brightness and a spectrum of colors.

Originally a Kickstarter initiative, it garnered over $210,000 in funding and is now on the market, though availability may vary.


The Kick features a front panel with 40 LEDs under a lens grid to soften the emitted light. It includes an internal battery, chargeable via a standard USB to micro-USB cable, with a charge indicator that shifts from red to green when fully charged.

Compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, it includes a rubberized pad to accommodate the slimmer iPhone 5.

Control over the device is straightforward, with two sets of +/- buttons to adjust brightness and color hue. A single power button manages device operation.

A crucial feature is the Wi-Fi button, which activates a peer-to-peer network named “RiftNet,” essential for using the accompanying free app that controls the Kick lights remotely.

This functionality allows photographers, whether professional or avid hobbyists, to position multiple Kick lights around a subject and fine-tune the settings for desired lighting effects.

The Kick is not only functional but also portable, weighing just 3.6 oz and easily fitting into a pocket or backpack.


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