Horace Dediu Analyzes iTunes Video Store Metrics at Asymco

While Apple’s App Store and music services often grab the headlines, the iTunes video store, where consumers can purchase or rent movies and TV shows, quietly stands as a significant component of Apple’s digital commerce ecosystem. Horace Dediu from Asymco recently revealed that this segment is performing impressively.

Following Apple’s disclosure of new download figures—1 billion TV shows and 380 million movies—Dediu analyzed the data and estimated that annual consumer spending on iTunes video content is approximately $1.75 billion.

Although this figure is substantial, Dediu’s analysis shows that video content accounts for only a small fraction of the total revenue generated across all iTunes services. He further elaborated on the broader spending habits of iTunes users, estimating annual expenditures of approximately $16 on apps, $12 on music, $9 on software (including purchases from the Mac App Store), $2 on books, and $4 on video per user.

Despite not being the largest revenue driver for Apple, the iTunes video store contributes a noteworthy portion to the overall financial landscape of the company’s digital offerings.

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