Limeade Blast L180X Review: Portable Power on the Go

At TUAW, we’ve evaluated numerous battery packs, ranging from iPhone cases with integrated batteries to standalone units for emergency charges. However, few can handle the demands of charging either one or two iPhones or even an iPad. Enter the Limeade Blast L180X, a robust external battery pack from a Boulder, Colorado-based startup, boasting an impressive 18,000 mAh capacity and retailing for US$129.99, though it’s available on Amazon for $99.99.

Originally a Kickstarter initiative, the Limeade battery series quickly surpassed its funding goal, securing $284,290 against a modest $30,000 target.

It enjoys a stellar reputation on Amazon, where it has earned a perfect five-star rating from over 570 reviews.


The Limeade Blast L180X is designed for those who need substantial power without the bulk. It features a matte black, smudge-resistant surface, curved edges, and a straightforward interface. All functional ports are located on one end, including a 1.0 A USB port, a 2.1 A USB port suitable for iPads, and a micro-USB port for recharging the unit itself.

Additionally, the Blast L180X includes a bright white LED for use as an emergency flashlight.

A discreet button on the side of the device activates a green LED strip to show remaining power, or controls the flashlight with a double-tap.

Despite its large capacity, the Blast L180X is surprisingly light, weighing just 13 ounces. This is quite impressive given the substantial amount of power it stores.


Charging the Blast L180X can take between 11 to 18 hours, depending on the power source. I found that using an iPad power adapter could fully recharge a depleted unit in about 12 hours.

A standout feature is the innovative two-in-one USB cable, which combines a 30-pin Dock connector with a hidden micro-USB connector.

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