Acrylic Display Frames Showcase iOS Device Ads and Artwork

Exciting new offerings from newMacgadgets cater to those looking to showcase their products or advertisements effectively. Their innovative Acrylic Signs collection features a secure, rotating acrylic enclosure designed to house iPads, iPhones, or iPod touches for public display.

Available in three sizes, these frames are compatible with the iPad 2 and newer, iPad mini, and the iPhone 5 or iPod touch. Each unit is equipped with a 360-degree rotating mount, a 1-inch thick frame, and an additional outer frame secured with tamper-proof screws.

Customers have the option to include a “home-button guard frame” to ensure uninterrupted application operation. These mounts can be fixed onto a counter using screws or the provided clear adhesive strips, and feature designated slots for charging cables, earphones, and access to the on/off switch, ensuring the device is charged and functional while mounted.

Each frame is initially set up for portrait display, but newMacgadgets offers customization for landscape orientation upon request. Prices vary between US$89.95 and $109.95.

The company also provides other display solutions for different devices including headphones and wall mounts.

From a photographer’s perspective, especially one who frequently participates in local fairs, the Acrylic Sign for iPad proves to be a valuable tool. For artists, space is often limited, and being able to digitally showcase larger or available-to-order items on an iOS device can be incredibly beneficial. This setup, combined with strategic placement of marketing materials, can significantly enhance product visibility and continue to engage customers even after they have left the booth.

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