Capture Stunning HDR Time-Lapse Movies on iPhone with Thalia Lapse HD/R

Despite its cumbersome title, Thalia Lapse HD/R offers a feature that many iPhone photography enthusiasts have long sought after. Priced at $2.99, this application not only captures time-lapse videos but also blends multiple exposures to create high-quality HDR movies, significantly enhancing the dynamic range compared to traditional single-shot methods.

The application is equipped with a de-ghosting feature to handle inconsistencies like moving leaves, ensuring they don’t appear in the final video. It exports videos in Apple Quicktime format at a sharp 1080p resolution and allows users to incorporate music from their iTunes library into their projects.

Users have the flexibility to tweak the saturation levels for either vibrant or more toned-down colors and can choose from various resolutions including VGA and 720p.

The frame duration in the playback can also be adjusted. A useful built-in feature utilizes the iPhone’s sensors to check if the device is level during shooting.

For optimal results, a stable base such as a tripod is essential. I found the Joby GorillaPod ideal for this type of photography.

Also, considering the extensive duration of time-lapse photography, having a continuous power supply is crucial as it significantly drains the battery.

The standout feature of Thalia Lapse HD/R is undoubtedly its HDR video capability. The app delivers on its promises, making advanced photography techniques accessible right from your smartphone. For those interested in HDR time-lapse photography, this app removes any barriers to entry.

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