Discover Tangent: Premier iPhoneography App for Artists

For those who delight in capturing moments with their iPhone and transforming them into artistic masterpieces, a new application called Tangent, developed by Ben Guerrette and Pixite, is now available.

The app offers a variety of artistic elements such as 39 shapes and frames along with 43 unique patterns. Upon opening Tangent, users are prompted to either select an existing photo from their library or capture a new one. The app efficiently accesses your default photo album, including panoramas and all images in your photostream.

Users can experiment with a series of default geometric and patterned effects that add a distinct artistic touch to photos.

These effects are fully customizable; you can move, rotate, and scale them to achieve the desired placement and size on your image. Once you’re satisfied with the customization, you can apply the effect to your photo, one effect at a time.

For those seeking additional creative options, Tangent offers two additional effect packs available for purchase at $0.99 each. These packs can be previewed on your photos before purchase, and are marked with a “+” to distinguish them from the included effects.

For the creatively inclined, the “Start Fresh” feature allows users to craft their own unique effects by selecting from an array of shapes, colors, and patterns.

Tangent provides extensive controls for fine-tuning the aesthetics of your photo.

The app operates smoothly with an intuitive user interface. One minor hiccup occurs when switching from the default effects to the “Start Fresh” options; it can be tricky to navigate back without restarting the process. This is a small inconvenience, primarily affecting users who like to experiment with multiple effects before finalizing their image.

Once your artistic creation is complete, Tangent offers several options for saving and sharing your work.

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