Design Engaging Slideshows on Mac with ScatterShow

If you’re finding the slideshow capabilities of Apple’s iPhoto a bit too basic, you might want to explore ScatterShow, a product by Smith Micro priced at $29.99. This application, available for OS X, can be either downloaded or purchased in a boxed version, and offers a plethora of advanced features for creating dynamic slideshows set to music.

ScatterShow provides a variety of pre-designed templates, but also allows users the freedom to design from the ground up. You can choose a background provided by the app or upload your own.

After setting up the background, simply select images individually or by entire folders to include in your slideshow.

The application lets you transform each photo into black-and-white or apply different filters for enhancement. Adjusting the placement of images is straightforward, and the final animation sequence presents a captivating transition from one image to the next. You can add music from your iTunes library or any other music file by dragging and dropping it into the application.

After your slideshow is ready, it can be shared on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, or embedded on any HTML-supported website.

Additionally, it can be saved locally as a QuickTime movie. The Smith Micro website showcases several impressive examples of what can be achieved with this tool.

The app is remarkably user-friendly, with a wealth of templates and an intuitive interface. However, it lacks the ability to automatically adjust the slideshow’s duration to match the length of the background music, a feature that apps like FotoMagico handle with ease.


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