Vintage 80s Apple Ads Discovered on YouTube

Long before the era of minimalist Apple ads, the company’s promotional efforts were delightfully reflective of the 1980s aesthetic.

For those interested in a blast from the past, the YouTube channel EveryAppleAds has recently uploaded a collection of Apple’s old commercials from the 1980s, offering a nostalgic look at ads that many have likely forgotten or never seen.

These commercials are not only amusing for their outright cheesiness but also serve as a reminder of a time when the concept of owning a computer was not a given.

Consider this example:

A 1987 ad titled “Power Lunch” is so poorly executed that it’s comical, complete with excessive background noise that nearly drowns out the product’s name.

Another gem is the Apple IIc commercial known simply as “Frog.”

Then there’s a clever bit of misdirection in an ad taking a dig at IBM.

Adding to the 80s vibe, here’s an Apple II commercial featuring Kimmy Gibbler from “Full House.”

And not to be outdone, another Apple IIc ad stars none other than Alan Greenspan.

If you’re feeling nostalgic or just curious about Apple’s advertising history, the EveryAppleAds channel is a treasure trove of 80s commercials worth exploring.





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