Capture Sports, Pets, and Kids Photos with SnappyCam Pro

Have you ever desired the ability to capture images on your iPhone at lightning speeds and only keep the best shots? SnappyCam Pro offers exactly this functionality. Currently, the app is available for just US$0.99 for a brief period.

The creators of the app boast that it can take up to 20 high-resolution photos in a single second on an iPhone 5, which is impressively quick. Instead of slowly saving each photo to your camera roll, the app displays all captured images instantly allowing you to choose which ones to save. It also includes GPS data and attaches all other metadata that the iPhone captures to each photo.

This app is particularly useful for capturing dynamic scenes like sports events, pets in motion, or playful children. It operates within the confines of the Apple SDK, enhancing and accelerating the image capturing process without breaching any regulations.

I tested the app on some plants swaying in a gentle breeze.

While some images came out blurry, others were perfectly sharp. Capturing moving subjects like walking or running people yielded similar mixed results. The app provides options to adjust how the shutter responds to touch and lets you select the aspect ratio for photos. You can also tweak the camera’s field of view. Reducing the resolution increases the shooting speed.

At the highest resolution, the app can capture about 20 frames per second, but in low light conditions, the rate dropped to about 12 frames per second. Additionally, turning off geo-tagging or sound effects can increase the app’s speed.

However, one downside is that saving images isn’t very straightforward. It took me some time to understand the process, as it involves several steps. More intuitive on-screen instructions would be beneficial.

SnappyCam Pro is a significant advancement in enhancing the versatility of the iPhone camera. While it may not deliver perfect shots every time, it does provide a greater opportunity to capture quality images.

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