iPhone Stylus Options Available at Dollar Stores

In today’s exploration of budget-friendly tech accessories from the dollar store, I stumbled upon a stylus/pen combo that boasts compatibility with both cell phones and tablets, as prominently displayed on its packaging. While it doesn’t excel as either a top-notch pen or stylus, it offers decent functionality for just one dollar.

The design features a comfortable grip, which was a pleasant surprise, and the stylus is cleverly integrated into the top of the pen, resembling an eraser.

To use the pen, you simply twist the bottom, which clicks satisfyingly into place. This design isn’t groundbreaking as similar versions are available on platforms like Amazon for under ten dollars, but the soft, balloon-like tip of the stylus is notably unique.

Unlike the typical firm tips, this one is squishy and flexible.

Despite its unusual feel, the stylus performed admirably across various devices, providing effective interaction with both smartphones and tablets. Its flexibility did not hinder its functionality, which was unexpected but appreciated.

For just a dollar, this stylus is a worthwhile purchase if you’re okay with the unconventional method of holding the pen upside down while using it.

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