4 Snaps App Review: Free Social Puzzle Game for iPhone

When you first dive into the game 4 Snaps, it might strike you as slightly reminiscent of other games, though it certainly carves out its own niche. The game cleverly combines elements from some of the App Store’s hits into a compelling package that might just become the next big thing in social gaming.

The gameplay of 4 Snaps is a hybrid of the social, turn-based elements seen in games like Words With Friends and Draw My Thing, with the addictive puzzle format of 4 Pics 1 Word. Players alternate taking pictures in sets of four to depict a word which the other player must guess.

You can choose your gaming partner from your Facebook friends list or by entering their user ID.

The game’s rules are quite flexible, allowing players to capture anything from objects around them to sketches or even hand signals to convey the intended word. Similar to Draw My Thing, there’s a kind of honor code expected to be followed where players shouldn’t simply write the word on a paper and photograph it. A minor drawback noted is the absence of a front-facing camera option within the game’s interface, though updates to include this feature have been promised by the developer.

Each round begins with the choice of a word from three varying levels of difficulty, with more complex words yielding greater coin rewards.

These coins can be used to change your word options or to purchase hints. While there’s an option to buy coin packs via in-app purchases, it isn’t necessary for enjoying the game.

Although 4 Snaps has only been available on the App Store for a short period, it has quickly established itself as an entertaining, multiplayer game that is free to play. It’s a perfect way to connect with friends, share some creative photos, and enjoy a good laugh.

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