Ten One Design’s Pogo Connect Stylus Now Offers Interchangeable Tips

Ten One Design's Pogo Connect Stylus Now Offers Interchangeable Tips

If you’re a user of Ten One Design’s Pogo Connect styluses, there’s exciting news for you. The brand has recently expanded its product line to include new magnetic interchangeable tips designed to enhance your drawing and writing experience.

The collection features five distinct tips, including three rubber tips of varying widths and two brush tips, which are compatible with several third-party applications.

Ten One Design's Pogo Connect Stylus Now Offers Interchangeable Tips

The company specifically suggests using ArtRage, priced at $4.99, which mimics real painting techniques like texture and wetness effects.

Among the new offerings, the R1 tip, with a 4.5 mm diameter, is available in a two-pack for $9.95. The R2 tip is slightly broader at 6.0 mm and is also priced at $9.95 for two.

The R3 tip, identical to the original that comes with the Pogo Connect, features a 7.3 mm rubber edge and retails for the same price.

For artists, the new brush tips are a boon. The B1 is a straight-edged brush, and the B2 features an angled, wide brush design.


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