Review: RHA MA750i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones

Review: RHA MA750i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones

Several weeks ago, RHA unveiled the MA750i headphones, priced at $129.95. I recently had the opportunity to test these, following my positive experiences with their earlier models including the MA150, MA450i, and SA950i. My expectations were high for their latest premium offering, and they certainly did not disappoint.


Review: RHA MA750i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones

Upon receiving the MA750, it was clear that RHA had elevated their design approach. The packaging itself was a testament to this, featuring a window flap that opens to a neatly presented set of earphones, secured with a magnetic closure. An orange pull tab inside the box adds a touch of elegance and simplicity to the unboxing experience. The premium quality is evident even before the headphones are used.

The MA750i earphones boast a sleek design, with heads crafted from stainless steel and the RHA logo subtly engraved.

The cables are reinforced with steel and feature a gold-plated connector, ensuring durability and quality. Unlike other brands that opt for lighter cables, RHA has chosen a thicker, more robust cable that adds a reassuring weight to the product. The cables also include over-ear supports for a secure and comfortable fit.

Integrated into the MA750i is a three-button remote and microphone, compatible with iOS devices, enhancing functionality and durability. This allows for seamless call handling and media control directly from the earphones.

The earphones are equipped with handmade 560.1 drivers that embody RHA’s Aerophonic design, which is inspired by the acoustic properties of a trumpet’s bell. This design promises a precise and balanced sound reproduction with a deep soundstage.

Included with the MA750i is a stylish carrying case and a variety of ear tips to accommodate different preferences and ear sizes.


The true measure of headphones is their sound quality, and the MA750i does not fall short. The 560.1 drivers are engineered to produce a clear and natural sound, with excellent spatial separation and detailed audio reproduction.

My personal testing confirmed these qualities.

During my evaluation, I revisited some of my favorite tracks by Stevie Ray Vaughan, experiencing a new level of audio clarity and depth. The MA750i delivered a balanced sound, with rich lows, clear mids, and crisp highs. The nuances in the music were beautifully captured, from subtle bass notes to the faint sounds of a guitar pick against the strings.

The earphones are also remarkably comfortable, thanks to the over-ear design that keeps them securely in place. The noise isolation is effective, making the listening experience even more immersive. The carrying case is not only stylish but functional, providing protection for the earphones and a convenient storage solution for the various ear tips.


RHA has once again delivered an exceptional in-ear headphone experience with the MA750i. This model stands out as a top-tier offering in their lineup, providing excellent value for money.


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