Smart Converter Offers Free Media Format Conversion on OS X

Smart Converter Offers Free Media Format Conversion on OS X

Offering a straightforward solution for media conversion, Smart Converter is a free application that simplifies the process of converting various media files. Users can easily drag and drop files into the application, select the desired output format, and initiate the conversion to a variety of popular device formats including those for iOS, Apple TV, and various Android devices.

This application is particularly appealing for those who prefer not to delve into the complexities of preset adjustments or export settings typically associated with other programs like QuickTime and Handbrake.

Smart Converter Offers Free Media Format Conversion on OS X

The straightforward functionality of Smart Converter is a significant advantage, and it efficiently handled every format I tested, including flv, m4v, avi, and mkv.

Throughout my testing on a recent-generation Mac mini equipped with ample memory and the latest OS update, the application performed flawlessly without any crashes—a stark contrast to some of the less favorable reviews found on iTunes. The quality of the converted files was consistently on par with the originals, which was quite satisfying.

However, the application does have its limitations.

The interface is not customizable, and it makes certain assumptions, such as automatically adding converted files to iTunes, which may not be everyone’s preference. Additionally, the presence of ads with each conversion was somewhat off-putting.

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