Satechi Smart Travel Router Review: Essential for Global Travelers

Satechi Smart Travel Router Review: Essential for Global Travelers

Recently, Satechi unveiled its latest innovation, the Smart Travel Router, priced at a special rate of US$44.99. After personally testing this device, I am convinced it’s an essential item for any global traveler’s tech collection.

The device cleverly combines a universal plug adapter, a USB charging station, and a WiFi router into a compact unit measuring just 3 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches.

Satechi Smart Travel Router Review: Essential for Global Travelers

Its design is focused on maximizing luggage space without sacrificing utility.

The unit features a USB port rated at 2.1A, ideal for charging devices like an iPad. It includes multiple built-in plug adapters: a UK standard plug, a European standard plug, and a USA/Australia/China standard plug, covering over 150 countries.

Switching between these plugs is effortlessly done using a slider on the device’s back.

Additionally, the top of the device hosts a universal socket that accommodates any standard plug, such as those from Apple’s chargers or even a MacBook Pro power cable. It’s important to note that the Smart Travel Router does not convert voltage, but most modern devices are equipped to handle 110 to 220V at 60 or 50 Hz.

The WiFi router functionality of the device supports four modes:

  • Router Mode: It acts as a standard router, connecting to an ISP and broadcasting a WiFi signal.

  • Repeater Mode: It can extend the range of an existing network, ideal for areas with weak WiFi signals.

  • Access Point Mode: It creates a wireless network from a wired connection.

  • Client Mode: It connects devices like Smart TVs or gaming consoles to the internet wirelessly via an Ethernet cable.

My initial attempt to configure the device in Repeater Mode was unsuccessful due to issues with the setup wizard.


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