OS X Mavericks Guide: 90 Tips, Tricks & Legacy Secrets

OS X Mavericks Guide: 90 Tips

Developer Saied Ghaffari, along with his company It’s About Time, has been meticulously exploring OS X Mavericks, uncovering numerous insights and functionalities. Their latest offering, an iBook titled 90 OS X Mavericks and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets, priced at $1.99, serves as a comprehensive guide to mastering the operating system in ways you might not have considered.

This iBook draws inspiration from a previous guide focused on iOS 7, and is packed with practical advice, each demonstrated through video tutorials.

OS X Mavericks Guide: 90 Tips

The image above illustrates a typical page layout in the book: a video tutorial plays at the top while a detailed tip is provided below. Ghaffari enhances these tutorials with insightful commentary, blending text, audio, and video to enrich the learning experience.

The content is well organized into thematic chapters such as Notifications, Messages, Calendar; Finder, Dock; App Store, iBooks; and Dashboard, Mission Control.

These chapters range from offering a handful to over two dozen tips and tricks, some of which also apply to earlier versions of OS X.

One of the standout features of this iBook is its compatibility with OS X Mavericks, allowing users to keep the book open on their desktop and apply the tips in near real-time. Despite my extensive use of OS X Mavericks during its beta phase, 90 OS X Mavericks and Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets revealed numerous shortcuts and conveniences that were new to me.

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