Apple Releases Report on Government Data Requests

Apple Releases Report on Government Data Requests

Today, Apple released a detailed document that sheds light on the various inquiries it receives from government bodies regarding user data and device information. This disclosure is as comprehensive as legal constraints allow, with Apple expressing a commitment to push for greater transparency in the future.

The document states:

Apple Releases Report on Government Data Requests

Currently, the U.S.

government restricts our ability to disclose specific details about national security orders, including the number of requests, the number of accounts impacted, or if content like emails was shared. We are actively challenging this gag order, engaging with various branches of government to advocate for our customers’ right to know the extent and nature of such requests.

Apple explains the procedure for handling these government requests in detail.

Each request must be supported by a valid court order, which Apple’s legal team rigorously reviews to confirm its legality.

If any order raises legal or ethical concerns, it is contested by the team.

“We comply only when we are convinced of the order’s legality, and even then, we provide only the information specifically required,” the document clarifies.

Interestingly, the majority of these requests are from law enforcement agencies tracking lost or stolen devices, and only a small portion pertains to personal user information.

It’s crucial to distinguish between requests for device information and those for user accounts as they involve different types of data. Most device-related requests originate from our customers cooperating with law enforcement, and none of these requests are related to national security.

Apple also shared two charts on Tuesday afternoon, illustrating the data requests they received from January 1, 2013, to June 30, 2013.

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