Transforming My iPad into the Ultimate Entertainment Hub with PC and Air Video HD

Transforming My iPad into the Ultimate Entertainment Hub with PC and Air Video HD

Struggling with limited storage on my iPad, I’ve longed to access my extensive collection of videos stored on my Windows PC directly on my tablet. Despite the availability of numerous streaming applications, my experiences with them have been less than satisfactory, often resulting in crashes or poor video quality. Resigned, I had nearly given up on the idea of streaming my video library to my iPad.

However, my persistence paid off when I discovered Air Video HD, which promised seamless streaming. Before I delve into my positive experience with Air Video HD, it’s worth mentioning another app I tried called Air PlayIt.

Transforming My iPad into the Ultimate Entertainment Hub with PC and Air Video HD

Setting up Air PlayIt was straightforward, involving a server application on my PC and a companion app on my iPad.

Despite following the setup instructions meticulously, including configuring my router, the app only provided brief moments of playback before needing to buffer again. After several attempts to optimize the setup, including reducing video resolution and checking my network settings, I was ready to give up, echoing my previous frustrations with streaming solutions.

Then, I decided to try Air Video HD. Skeptical at first due to my prior experiences, I was quickly proven wrong. The server application was a breeze to set up, automatically handling port mapping.

I added my video folders, launched the app on my iPad, and selected a video. To my surprise, it played perfectly without interruption, as if the video was stored locally on my device.

Encouraged by this success, I tested a longer, high-definition video, which played flawlessly for its entire duration. Excited by the app’s performance, I also installed Air Video HD on my iPhone and was able to stream the same HD video simultaneously to both my iPhone and iPad without any issues.

Air Video HD has transformed my iPad into a powerful media streaming device, capable of accessing my entire library of over 500 movies and TV episodes instantly. It also supports streaming over the internet, though performance is naturally dependent on network speeds.


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