Exploring Belkin’s Latest iPad Air Keyboard Cases

Exploring Belkin's Latest iPad Air Keyboard Cases

Recently, Belkin introduced a new line of accessories for the iPad Air, including two innovative keyboards: the QODE Ultimate Keyboard for iPad Air and the QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air. Let’s delve into the details of these accessories designed for the sleek iPad Air.

QODE Ultimate Keyboard for iPad Air

The QODE Ultimate Keyboard stands out with its slim, aluminum design incorporating rubberized sections for flexibility. This keyboard case is remarkably user-friendly, requiring no power switch or pairing button. Simply insert the iPad Air into the case, which is secured by smartly designed clips and a protective frame.

Exploring Belkin's Latest iPad Air Keyboard Cases

Once in place, the iPad Air automatically connects to the keyboard, indicated by a small blue LED. The keyboard’s magnetic locking system offers three different viewing angles, and it automatically wakes the iPad Air when positioned for typing.

This case is not only thin but also lightweight at just 14.6 oz (413 gm), and it includes all necessary cutouts for easy access to the iPad Air’s ports and buttons. A micro-USB port on the side allows for charging via an included cable. Although the case provides substantial protection, it is not intended for extreme conditions.

The keyboard itself is efficient and comfortable, featuring well-spaced keys and a functional layout, although the placement of some keys like the colon/semicolon may require some adjustment.

A dedicated Siri button enhances functionality, allowing easy access to Apple’s digital assistant.

For those who occasionally need their iPad Air without the keyboard, the case can be quickly detached, adding versatility to its design.

The QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case is available in white, silver, or black and can be pre-ordered now.

QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air

The Slim Style Keyboard Case is slightly thicker than its counterpart but offers a stylish alternative with five color combinations. Unlike the Ultimate Keyboard Case, this model uses a flip-out prop to support the iPad Air and includes a physical on/off switch and a pairing button, which might not be as convenient for some users.

The keyboard layout includes six rows with dedicated function keys, potentially making it more appealing to those accustomed to traditional iPad keyboards. It also features a more substantial wrist rest area. Weighing slightly more at 1 lb., 1 oz (482 gm), this case secures the iPad Air with faux leather straps, a simpler but effective solution.

Despite its stylish appearance, I found the functionality and design of the Ultimate Keyboard Case to be superior.


Belkin’s rapid production of these cases coinciding with the release of the iPad Air is impressive.

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