iPod Sales Milestone: Celebrating 12 Years Since Launch

iPod Sales Milestone: Celebrating 12 Years Since Launch

On November 10, 2001, Apple introduced its very first iPod, marking a significant milestone in digital music history. This initial version was equipped with a 5 GB hard drive, a modest 160 x 128-pixel screen, and a FireWire port, and it featured a mechanical scroll wheel, distinguishing it as the sole model compatible with Mac OS 9.

Despite the skepticism from financial analysts and technology commentators at the time of its release, the iPod’s launch was met with considerable doubt.

iPod Sales Milestone: Celebrating 12 Years Since Launch

For instance, shortly after Apple unveiled the iPod, Arne Alsin of The Street critically advised:

“Don’t buy Apple’s (AAPL) stock. And if you own it, sell it.

The company’s fanbase, though loyal, is dwindling, and betting on Apple means betting against a continued loss of users—a highly unlikely turnaround. With its negligible market share, Apple has become a non-entity in the PC market.”

Contrary to these early predictions, Apple’s stock has surged by 5,589 percent since the iPod’s debut.

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