Review of Ogio Hampton’s Women’s Tote Bag: Features and Performance

Review of Ogio Hampton's Women's Tote Bag: Features and Performance

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been using the Hampton’s Women’s Tote Bag from OGIO International, a company based in Utah. I hadn’t watched their promotional video before the bag arrived, so its substantial size caught me off guard. However, this turned out to be a benefit during my trips to Florida, as it served as my personal item on the flights, packed to its full capacity. According to OGIO, the Hampton offers 1000 cubic inches of space, with dimensions of 15 inches high, 16.5 inches wide, and 4 inches deep, and it weighs 1.6 pounds—though it seemed lighter to me.

The tote is crafted from 900D Polyester and features a button-adorned design. It includes several pockets, with a large main compartment that has a velcro-tabbed, fleece-lined pocket suitable for laptops ranging from 11 to 15 inches.

Review of Ogio Hampton's Women's Tote Bag: Features and Performance

Additional padding around this pocket, as well as at the base, provides extra protection. The external zippered section, as shown in the image below, accommodates various smaller items and includes pockets specifically for devices like an iPad or other tablets. My iPad, encased in a leather Sena cover, fit into this pocket, though I couldn’t fully zip it up. Fortunately, the dual zippers allowed me to close each side, leaving just the top slightly open. The Hampton managed to hold everything I needed and more.

Inside, the Hampton features two side pockets, one of which includes a charger tab.

These aren’t large enough for a water bottle, contrary to the website’s description, and I wouldn’t risk placing a liquid near electronic devices anyway. A medium-sized, fleece-lined zippered pocket provides a safe spot for your iPhone or iPod.

The bag is available in several colors including Black, Emerald, Terra, Red, Tide, and Yellow. I chose the Tide version and received several compliments on its striking color from passersby.

Tide Hampton's Women's Tote Bag

Despite not being shown on the product page, all the bags feature a polka-dotted lining with a metallic finish that helps illuminate the bag’s interior, making it easier to find items at the bottom. This design choice lends the bag a more casual rather than professional appearance, as noted by a user on the website.

The Good Bits:

  • Heavy metal zipper tabs, though the zippers themselves are plastic.
  • The handle, while not specially padded, proved very comfortable, even during long walks through airports.
  • The bag maintained its appearance even after being stowed under airplane seats multiple times.
  • The fabric is resistant to dirt.
  • Pockets designed for electronics are lined with felt for added protection.

The Areas That Need Improvement:

  • The cloth zipper pulls are prone to coming off; I lost one on the first day.
  • The three tab closure pockets on the outside do not secure well, with the largest only being suitable for a small iOS device.
  • An outside pocket large enough for a water bottle would be more practical.
  • The decorative bow/belt around the top is purely ornamental and could be designed to slide the bag onto a suitcase handle.
  • The bottom padding does not help the bag stand upright reliably.

Is the Hampton’s Women’s Tote Bag worth the $70 price tag?

Despite some minor design flaws, the Hampton’s Tote is well-constructed with reinforced seams and no loose threads. The belt’s stitching began to unravel, but it was easily removable.

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