6 Shocking Cases That Will Tempt You to Eat Your iPhone

6 Shocking Cases That Will Tempt You to Eat Your iPhone

Food is often on my mind simply because it exists. However, these six iPhone cases elevate my cravings to a whole new level. While I can’t vouch for their durability—they might just disintegrate on impact—their aesthetic appeal is absolutely mouth-watering.

1. Typically, an ice cream sandwich might remind you of an Android phone, but this case fits the iPhone like a glove. Designed with a high-resolution image of chocolate cookies and a creamy white frame, it’s almost too realistic.

6 Shocking Cases That Will Tempt You to Eat Your iPhone

2. Who doesn’t love a good bento box? Although this case might be on the smaller side, with sushi pieces that are less than bite-sized, it’s perfect for sushi enthusiasts.

Check out this top contender.

3. Imagine a dozen M&M-like candies attached to the back of your phone. You’ll have to remind yourself they’re just plastic and not edible chocolate treats. This case might not be the most comfortable in your pocket, but it’s definitely a head-turner.

4. This case features an assortment of strawberries, chocolate candies, and ice cream, all crafted from plastic with incredible detail. It’s the most impressive on our list, but also the most fragile.

It’s not practical, but it sure is a conversation piece.

5. Bacon on your iPhone? Yes, please. Well, not actual bacon, but a case that mimics the look of bacon with urethane resin. It’s so realistic, you’ll have to keep it away from your pets! Take a look at this unique case.

6. And finally, a bit of humor with a TV dinner-themed case. Featuring a not-so-appetizing plastic meal of salisbury steak, peas, potatoes, and apple cobbler, it’s a nod to nostalgic convenience meals.

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