Fitbit Stats Integration with on Status Board

Fitbit Stats Integration with on Status Board

For those who utilize the iPad’s Status Board application, a customizable dashboard is available that supports various modules. This setup enables users to integrate an RSS feed, monitor a Twitter feed, check weather updates, and more. Particularly for those keen on tracking their fitness, the service offers an exciting feature where users can display their Fitbit statistics on this versatile dashboard.

Setting up is straightforward.

Fitbit Stats Integration with on Status Board

Users need to navigate to the website and sign in using their Fitbit credentials. The platform employs OAUTH for secure Fitbit account connections, which also provides the option to disconnect whenever desired. After linking your Fitbit account with, simply launch the service on your iPad and choose from the various data streams to add them to your Status Board display.

You can opt to fill your screen with various statistics as shown in the example, or you might prefer to display a few select Fitbit details alongside other modules like weather updates and RSS feeds.

A notable feature of is its capability for self-hosting. The developer behind this web application has uploaded the package to Github, allowing anyone to download, modify, or independently run it on their personal server. This aspect might be particularly appealing to users with privacy concerns, as it offers increased control over the distribution and access to their Fitbit data.


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