2013 TUAW Editor’s Choice Award Recipients

2013 TUAW Editor's Choice Award Recipients

As we bid farewell to 2013, it’s time to highlight the standout products and apps of the year with the TUAW Editor’s Choice Awards. These selections represent the pinnacle of design and functionality in their respective categories. While our list may not cover every possible favorite, we invite you to share your personal picks in the comments section. Wishing everyone a joyful New Year!


Accessory — Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

The debut of the iPad Air brought with it the refined Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, now slimmer than ever. It’s the premier choice for the latest iPad, combining long battery life, effortless pairing, and a robust build. (US$99.99, available in black or white) Steve Sande

2013 TUAW Editor's Choice Award Recipients

Sleeve/Case — (Tie) DODOcase Durables Sleeve / Pad & Quill Aria Case

For simple transit protection, the DODOcase Durables Sleeves offer style and durability (from $59.95). For more comprehensive needs, the Pad & Quill Aria Case provides luxurious leather and reliable protection ($129.99 for iPad Air, $99.99 for iPad mini). Steve Sande

Game App — Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The re-release of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on iPhone brings a classic back to life with a modern twist. ($6.99, universal) Mike Wehner

Music App — AudioPhile Music Player

For superior sound quality, the AudioPhile Music Player enhances your listening experience on headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

(Free, iPhone version also available) Mel Martin

Photo App — FaceTune

FaceTune has made a mark with its powerful portrait editing tools, making it easy to enhance any photo. ($3.99, iPhone app available for $2.99) Mike Wehner

Productivity App — DeskConnect

DeskConnect simplifies the transfer of files, links, and contacts between devices. (Free, universal, also available for Mac) Mike Rose

Social Networking App — Flipboard

Flipboard transforms social media and news into a personalized magazine format. (Free, universal) Kelly Hodgkins

Utility App — Delivery Status Touch

Keep track of all your packages with Delivery Status Touch, which supports multiple carriers and looks great on the iPad. ($4.99, universal) Kelly Hodgkins

Video App — TwitchTV

TwitchTV has evolved into a robust platform for watching live gaming, thanks to significant updates. (Free, universal) Mike Wehner


Accessory — Motrr Galileo

The Galileo robotic iPhone mount by Motrr, a Kickstarter success, offers precise motion control for photography apps. ($149.95) Steve Sande

Case/Sleeve — Mophie Juice Pack Helium

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium is my daily go-to for extended battery life, compatible with iPhone 5 and 5s. ($79.95) Steve Sande

Game App — QuizUp

The trivia game QuizUp has captured a massive audience with its extensive range of topics and questions. (Free app) Mike Wehner

Music App — Rdio

For a personalized music streaming experience, Rdio offers reliable performance and new features.

(Free, universal, with in-app purchases) Dave Caolo

Navigation App — Navigon

Navigon remains the top choice for GPS navigation with comprehensive features and reliable performance. (Price varies, universal, with in-app purchases) Mel Martin

Photo App — Sphere: 360 Camera

The Sphere: 360 Camera app revolutionizes panoramic photography with its immersive, spherical images. (Free, universal) Steve Sande

Productivity App — OmniFocus 2

The release of OmniFocus 2 for the iPhone has been a major upgrade, making it an essential tool for managing projects. ($19.99, iPad version $39.99) Dave Caolo

Social Networking App — Tweetbot 3

Tweetbot 3 optimizes the powerful Twitter client for iOS 7, enhancing its already robust features. ($4.99, iPad version available for $2.99) Kelly Hodgkins

Utility App — DeskConnect

The DeskConnect app is a game-changer for seamless file and link sharing between iOS and Mac devices, all at no cost. (Free) Dave Caolo

Video App — Vine

Since its launch, Vine has become a major platform for creative video sharing, thanks to its unique, brief video format. (Free) Mike Wehner


Accessory — Audioengine D3 DAC

Enhance your Mac’s audio with the Audioengine D3, a high-quality DAC that delivers vibrant sound. ($189) Mel Martin

Peripheral — Logitech Easy-Switch Bluetooth Keyboard

The Logitech Easy-Switch Bluetooth Keyboard excels with its versatile connectivity and backlit keys. ($99.99) Steve Sande

Game App — BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite combines thrilling gameplay with a mind-bending narrative.


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