Textkraft: Advanced Text Processing App for iPad

Textkraft: Advanced Text Processing App for iPad

Exploring various text editing applications for the iPad reveals that many fall short of expectations. However, Pages is often perceived more as a tool for crafting visually appealing documents rather than for robust text processing.

For those seeking a more potent solution, Textkraft might be the perfect fit. Priced at $3.99, this app is both powerful and user-friendly, making it ideal for serious writing tasks.

Textkraft: Advanced Text Processing App for iPad

Highlighted features include:

  • Simultaneous editing of up to five documents, with easy switching.

  • Support for cursor keys, a feature missing in Apple’s native solutions.

  • Comprehensive undo/redo capabilities.

  • Thorough search and replace functions.

  • Compatibility with external Bluetooth keyboards.

  • Options to import and export documents via Dropbox, iCloud, Box, and iTunes file sharing.

  • Integration with Pages and Evernote for sharing.

For more details, visit the app’s website or its App Store page.

The app’s interface is intuitive, although initially, the mid-screen word suggestion boxes might seem intrusive.

Fortunately, this feature can be disabled if found distracting.

One particularly useful feature is the cursor keys, which eliminate the need to tap the screen to position the cursor. Textkraft also includes a forward delete key, which is absent on the default iOS keyboard and is invaluable for efficient editing.

The app also offers password protection for documents and supports exporting in various formats including text, Markdown, PDF, and HTML. I successfully tested its printing capabilities with an AirPrint-compatible printer.

Textkraft can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Although I prefer landscape, the app’s layout works exceptionally well in portrait mode.

While Textkraft offers a selection of 10 fonts and text styling options like bold, italics, and underline, it is not designed for inserting images or page layout tasks. It excels as a text editor for focused writing sessions.

The app nearly covers all bases. However, direct import and export of Word files would enhance its utility, though currently, this requires using a separate Word-to-text converter app available for $1.99 from the same developer.

While the app is comprehensive, additional text styles are available via an in-app purchase for $1.99, though they are not essential.

To get acquainted with the app, consider downloading the free Easy Writer Lite, which provides a good overview of the user interface and workflow.

Textkraft proves to be a reliable and affordable text processing tool for the iPad, free from bugs or crashes during extensive use.

Other notable apps include Documents Unlimited for iPad and Document Writer, both of which support editing Microsoft Office documents.

Textkraft is compatible with iOS 5.1 or later and is specifically designed for the iPad, requiring a 24 MB download.


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