CARROT Fit App Motivates Users with Tough Love Approach

CARROT Fit App Motivates Users with Tough Love Approach

For years, I’ve relied on the CARROT To-Do app to keep me on track with my daily tasks. The app’s unique approach involves a virtual “AI construct” that expresses displeasure if you fail to complete your tasks. This concept is also applied in the CARROT Alarm, and now, the CARROT Fit app, which aims to assist in weight management.

The CARROT To-Do app has been indispensable in managing my busy schedule, using humor and a bit of sternness to remind me of unfinished tasks. Similarly, CARROT Fit employs a lighthearted yet firm approach to encourage weight loss.

CARROT Fit App Motivates Users with Tough Love Approach

As noted in our review, this style may not be for everyone. While I find the approach amusing and motivating, others might find it less appealing.

Moreover, while CARROT Fit focuses on weight tracking, it’s important to remember that there are other methods to monitor health.


CARROT Fit boasts a minimalist design that’s easy to navigate. Initial setup includes engaging animations and playful teasing, much like the promotional video below.

The app’s blue color scheme and the prominent “ocular sensor” add to its charm, while the infographic-style illustrations provide delightful visual cues. If left idle, the app even shows your avatar performing pushups!

Upon launching the app, you’re presented with options to log your weight, view your history, or adjust settings. The interface is straightforward, yet it’s sprinkled with humorous elements like the About CARROT section, which features a cheeky robot, enhancing the app’s personality.


You can customize your daily weigh-in reminders in CARROT Fit. If you skip a day, the app visibly expresses its annoyance.

Logging your weight is simple: just tap the logo, enter your weight, and the app calculates your BMI based on your height and gender.

The app’s character really shines when you gain weight; it reacts humorously but sternly, which might motivate you to avoid seeing it upset. Conversely, meeting your weight goals triggers a celebratory animation, complete with confetti and a ribbon.

The weight log is straightforward yet effective. It displays a graph of your progress and detailed entries of your weight fluctuations, goals, and BMI. The data presentation is clear and accessible without needing to manipulate your device’s orientation.

Conclusion, and a note on fat-shaming

Recently, CARROT’s creator defended the app’s approach on Good Morning America. While the app is designed to be motivational, it may not suit everyone, especially those sensitive to body image issues.

If you’re simply looking for a fun and engaging way to track your weight, CARROT Fit offers a unique experience compared to more traditional health apps.


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