Apple Stores’ 1970s Origins and Key News, Feb. 7, 2014

Apple Stores' 1970s Origins and Key News

In a parallel dimension, perhaps as early as the 1970s, Apple might have launched its first retail outlets. This intriguing possibility comes from newly unveiled documents that were discussed by Regis McKenna, a renowned marketer from Silicon Valley, during a presentation at the Computer History Museum. These documents suggest that Apple considered the idea of opening its own stores decades before the first actual Apple Store opened its doors.

McKenna shared insights from his initial encounter with Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak back in 1976.

Apple Stores' 1970s Origins and Key News

This meeting sparked a marketing strategy that included the concept of Apple stores, a full 25 years before they would become a reality. As detailed by Cnet, the story unfolded as follows:

Jobs and Wozniak were seeking marketing expertise for the Apple II. While Wozniak was initially put off by McKenna, Jobs found a rapport.

After initially declining to work with them, McKenna reconsidered following persistent calls from Jobs. They eventually met for dinner, where they envisioned Apple’s future, leading McKenna to draft an eight-page marketing proposal in December 1976 that included plans for Apple stores.

“I had proposed this idea to Apple on a few occasions,” McKenna revealed. “The idea was to start these stores in various regions across the country.”

Initially, these stores were envisioned as hubs for major clients, focusing on corporate sales and training in office parks, before transitioning to a retail model.

One can only speculate on the appearance of a 1970s Apple Store.

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