Wireless Charging Cases for iPhone 5s and 5 by Aero

Wireless Charging Cases for iPhone 5s and 5 by Aero

For iPhone users seeking extended battery life, numerous solutions are available. Among these, Mophie offers a well-known battery case, while uNu has introduced the Aero Wireless Case, which employs induction charging technology.

Simply encase the iPhone and rest it on the accompanying charging mat, which needs to be connected to power, though no direct cable connection to the phone is necessary. This setup is available for $99.95 directly from the manufacturer or on Amazon, and comes in either black or white for the iPhone 5s/5.

Wireless Charging Cases for iPhone 5s and 5 by Aero


Battery Type: Li-Polymer

Capacity: 3.7V/2,000 mAh

Dimensions: 138 x 63.8 x 15.3 mm

Weight: Approximately 70.2 g

Charging Pad Input: micro-USB

Design Highlights

The Aero Wireless Charging Case consists of a two-piece design. You snap the iPhone onto the base with the battery and secure it with a protective trim.

While the case feels sturdy, a hard drop might cause the trim to detach. The design includes pass-through buttons for volume and power, a camera and flash hole, and ports for charging the phone and battery case with a micro-USB cable, which is included.

The charging pad itself also uses a USB connection for power. An AC adapter is not provided, but the pad can be powered using any standard USB charger or a computer.

Functionality Highlights

The Aero case simplifies charging. Unlike traditional cables that may wear out or require precise connection, placing the iPhone on the Aero’s charging mat initiates charging regardless of the phone’s orientation, provided the contact points align.

It typically takes four to five hours to charge from zero.


The Aero Wireless Charging system is effective and user-friendly. It has a unique feature where the phone’s battery is used first, and then the case’s battery can be activated with a button, which also indicates remaining battery life through LED lights. Additional charging pads are available for $25.00 each, allowing for multiple charging stations at home or work.

While Apple holds numerous patents in wireless charging, they have yet to release any products. Meanwhile, Duracell’s Access Case and Powermat are available, and the iQi Mobile Charger is gaining traction with its innovative design.

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