Stackables App Review: Enhance Photos with Layered Editing

Stackables App Review: Enhance Photos with Layered Editing

Developed by Samer Azzam, the mind behind ProCam, Stackables introduces a novel approach to image editing with its layered filter application system. This feature distinguishes it from other editing apps by allowing users to apply multiple filters and effects sequentially on separate layers.

Upon launching Stackables, users can either select an existing image or capture a new one to edit. The editing interface presents options to add various filters, shapes, and effects.

Stackables App Review: Enhance Photos with Layered Editing

Users can also tweak settings such as hue and contrast. The app includes 23 ready-to-use presets, and users have the flexibility to create their own. The quality of the filters and effects is designed to enhance images without overdoing it.

The unique selling point of Stackables lies in its layering capability.

Each layer can hold an individual effect or filter, with adjustable intensity and size. This layer-based system allows for incremental additions that users can fine-tune or reorder. Layers can be deactivated or adjusted to alter the visual outcome of the image seamlessly.

After editing, users have the option to save their work to the camera roll, send it to another app for further modifications, or share it directly on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or via email.

Available exclusively for iPhone users, Stackables is priced at 99 cents and requires iOS 7 to operate.


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