Apple Urges Arizona Governor to Veto Religious Freedom Bill

Apple Urges Arizona Governor to Veto Religious Freedom Bill

Apple has confirmed to CNBC its request for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto the controversial religious freedom bill SB 1062. Passed by the Republican-majority Arizona House and Senate, the bill permits individuals and businesses to deny services based on their religious convictions.

The legislation has sparked a backlash for potentially fostering discrimination, particularly against same-sex couples.

Apple Urges Arizona Governor to Veto Religious Freedom Bill

Apple, known for its advocacy of civil rights, joins a roster of major corporations opposing the bill. The company’s interest in Arizona has grown, especially with its plans to open a new sapphire glass manufacturing facility in Mesa, which is expected to generate over 2,000 jobs in various sectors including engineering and construction.

Apple’s stance was reiterated in a statement originally issued during the announcement of the new plant, emphasizing its commitment to inclusivity and civil rights.

Other prominent businesses like Marriott and American Airlines have also urged Governor Brewer to reject the bill.

The NFL has hinted at relocating next year’s Super Bowl from Arizona if the legislation is enacted.

Governor Brewer has until February 28th to decide whether to sign the bill into law.

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