HP Unveils Competitor to iMac After a Decade

HP Unveils Competitor to iMac After a Decade

In 2004, Apple unveiled the iMac G5, a revolutionary all-in-one desktop that combined power with a compact design, quickly becoming a favorite among users. Over the years, the iMac has evolved, gaining more power and an even sleeker design.

Meanwhile, HP has been diligently crafting an innovative concept for their Windows 8 touch screens, poised to significantly alter the tech landscape.

HP Unveils Competitor to iMac After a Decade

Something the world has never seen before.

Well done, HP. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

*Correction: The iMac G5 was actually launched in 2004.

It appears HP has been playing catch-up for a decade.

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