Download Bloc’d Now: A Must-Try Addictive Tetris Spin-Off

Download Bloc'd Now: A Must-Try Addictive Tetris Spin-Off

My earliest memory of gaming addiction traces back to Tetris, a game my father once mocked me for playing excessively. However, one night, I caught him at 2AM, intensely focused on surpassing our high scores. This memory resurfaced recently when I found myself waking my wife in the early hours, as I attempted to break my own record in bloc’d, a game reminiscent of my childhood experiences.

The premise of bloc’d is straightforward yet engaging.

Download Bloc'd Now: A Must-Try Addictive Tetris Spin-Off

The game divides the screen in half, filled with rows of colorful blocks. Shapes descend from the top, heading towards spikes, and players must quickly replicate these shapes with the blocks below. The game offers two methods for shape creation: swiping across two or more blocks of the same color to make them vanish, or double-tapping a single block to remove it, with only five double-taps allowed per game unless you opt for the unlimited taps feature for $0.99.

Despite its seemingly complex mechanics, the game is intuitive, with the real challenge lying in the temptation to keep playing.

As you find your groove, the shapes become more intricate and fall faster, testing your reflexes and strategic thinking.

For those who choose the upgraded version, additional features like freezing or removing shapes enhance the gameplay, alongside the unlimited taps. While these features can be appealing, and supporting the developers is important for their livelihood, I find that the game’s core challenge lies in its simplicity. The thrill of bloc’d is in the strategic maneuvering within limited resources, like managing to survive with just five double-taps, which adds to the game’s addictive nature.

bloc’d is a must-try for puzzle enthusiasts.


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