Zombie Launcher Game: Enjoyable Despite Numerous Ads

Zombie Launcher Game: Enjoyable Despite Numerous Ads

As someone who gravitates towards quirky, quick-play iOS games, titles like Flappy Bird and Spellgrid always catch my attention. So naturally, when I came across Zombie Launch, I was intrigued.

In Zombie Launch, you navigate Dirk, a red-haired zombie, through a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with lava. The objective is to propel Dirk from one level to the next using strategically placed guts, which catapult him into the air towards floating brain clusters. However, beware of the decayed brains that cause Dirk to plummet to his doom.

Zombie Launcher Game: Enjoyable Despite Numerous Ads

Occasionally, Dirk can hitch a ride on a passing crow, speeding his journey across the map. Initially, expect your gameplay to last mere seconds, but the addictive nature of the game quickly entices you back for more.

Despite its somewhat gruesome concept, the game’s graphics are surprisingly cute, more akin to something you’d find on a children’s TV channel than a horror show. There’s no gore; the game maintains a light-hearted, cartoonish feel throughout.

Zombie Launch is available for free, devoid of any in-app purchases or annoying timers. Advertisements are present, but they’re confined to the game’s startup sequence and do not interfere with actual gameplay.

This setup is quite generous compared to many other free games that frequently interrupt your play with ads.

The game also offers a competitive twist with its pseudo-multiplayer mode. While you won’t see multiple zombies on screen, a leaderboard bubble keeps you informed about who’s leading the pack. If you’re not keen on competing against friends, the game can pair you with random players.

However, like Flappy Bird, the game’s simplicity might not hold everyone’s interest indefinitely. There are no power-ups or significant changes in gameplay, just new backgrounds as you progress.

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