SkinneePix App Slims Down Your Selfie Photos

SkinneePix App Slims Down Your Selfie Photos

Have you ever been told that your iPhone selfie makes you look heavier? This common complaint isn’t just an excuse. When photographed up close, a phenomenon known as ‘barrel distortion’ can make the center of your face appear wider than the edges, similar to the shape of a barrel. This issue is prevalent in many standard camera lenses, including those on iPhones.

Professional photographers often counteract this by using a zoom lens, stepping back, and zooming in to minimize the distortion.

SkinneePix App Slims Down Your Selfie Photos

An app called SkinneePix, available for $0.99, promises to slim down your selfies.

It detects your face and allows you to shave off an estimated 5-15 pounds from your image. You can also alter the photo’s color to black and white or sepia. This app can be particularly helpful if you feel your photo doesn’t reflect your true appearance due to lens distortion.

After testing SkinneePix on several subjects, I found the app to be effective.

It offers multiple settings and the results can be saved directly to your camera roll or shared through email or iMessage. Unlike some other photo editing apps that can leave faces looking distorted, SkinneePix maintains a natural look.

For photos that require more extensive editing, consider Perfect365, another iOS app. It offers features like skin smoothing, eye enhancing, and teeth whitening.

Overall, SkinneePix delivers on its promise at an affordable price.

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