iPhone Scanbot Review: Your Ultimate Scanning Solution

iPhone Scanbot Review: Your Ultimate Scanning Solution

In a recent episode of TUAW TV Live, I shared a discovery that has significantly altered my approach to document scanning. Historically, my experiences with physical scanners have been less than favorable, plagued by slow performance and unreliable software. However, my perspective shifted dramatically after I started using Scanbot, a mobile app priced at just US$0.99, which efficiently scans documents and converts them into PDFs.

The process with Scanbot is straightforward: position your iPhone over a document and the app will instruct you to adjust for better framing or distance. It automatically detects the edges of the document, advises you to keep still, and captures the image without any need to touch your screen.

iPhone Scanbot Review: Your Ultimate Scanning Solution

Naming your document is as easy as tapping the screen, or you can opt for the default timestamp. The result is a crisp, perfectly aligned PDF, ready to be uploaded or stored.

Scanbot seamlessly integrates with several cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote, among others, allowing for automatic uploads in the background as you continue scanning. It also offers the option to save scans as JPG files directly to your camera roll.

For those dealing with multiple pages, Scanbot simplifies the addition of new pages to a document, enabling the scanning of extensive documents in mere seconds compared to traditional methods. I managed to scan a five-page document in about 45 seconds—a task that took significantly longer with conventional scanning solutions.

The app isn’t just for documents.

You can capture images using your standard iPhone camera and process them through Scanbot to create professional-looking PDFs. Adjusting the color settings between color and grayscale is also just a tap away.

Editing and annotating your scans is equally intuitive. With a simple tap, you can highlight text, erase annotations, or add comments and signatures, although I encountered some issues with the comment function.

Scanbot’s interface is user-friendly, combining speed with impressive output quality. At such a modest price point, it stands out as a potentially indispensable tool for anyone looking to streamline their scanning tasks.

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