Relaxation Videos and Audio on TranquilityTV for iOS

Relaxation Videos and Audio on TranquilityTV for iOS

Explore the calming influence of TranquilityTV, a free app that offers in-app purchases, providing a gateway to serene visuals and sounds. This app serves as a universal platform, initially presenting a four-minute preview of tranquil scenes and melodies before suggesting any paid content.

Originating from a company that curates similar content for hospital TV networks, the app’s serene offerings are a refreshing alternative to the typical broadcast of game shows and soap operas. I sampled the introductory video, a montage of peaceful visuals, followed by a purchase of the “High Altitude Meditation” video for US$1.99, featuring stunning aerial views of our planet, including cloudscapes and mountain vistas.

Relaxation Videos and Audio on TranquilityTV for iOS

While the concept of TranquilityTV is commendable, the execution falls short of expectations.

The video quality resembles that of an old VHS tape, particularly when viewed on my iPhone 5s and third-generation iPad. However, the audio quality fares better, featuring original, stereo compositions that are best enjoyed through headphones or external speakers. Each purchased video lasts 15 minutes and does not loop, which seems insufficient for relaxation purposes.

Additionally, the app includes a sleep timer for convenience.

TranquilityTV is compatible with iOS 6 and later versions, and is optimized for the iPhone 5. Enhancements in video quality and longer, looping videos could potentially make this app more appealing. If this type of app intrigues you, consider downloading the demo to see if it suits your relaxation needs.

For those seeking superior video quality, the Magic Window app is available for $2.99 and offers stunning visuals paired with soothing ambient sounds.

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