Lightning Adapters, Raindrops on Roses, and Kitten Whiskers

Lightning Adapters

As someone who has amassed a vast collection of older iPhone and iPod cables, which are not necessarily certified by Apple, I’ve found them to be a cost-effective solution over the years. However, my recent upgrade in February to devices that use the Lightning connector—a refurbished iPad Air and the latest iPod touch—has presented some challenges. The new devices are fantastic, with their lightweight design and vibrant displays, but adapting to the new charging cables has been frustrating.

The old cables I had stockpiled are incompatible with these newer models, and replacing them with certified Lightning cables is quite expensive, starting around $14 for an Amazon Basics 3-foot cord.

Lightning Adapters

To minimize clutter, I prefer using compact 6-inch cables with my portable battery packs.

A few weeks ago, I discovered a cost-effective solution on Amazon: adapters that convert Micro-USB (which I use for my Kindle Fire) to Lightning. These adapters are incredibly affordable, costing around $2 each. They easily attach to the end of a Micro-USB cable, transforming it into a Lightning-compatible cable.

Initially, I was skeptical about these adapters because Apple’s iOS devices can be quite selective about non-certified accessories, and some user reviews mentioned high failure rates.

Despite this, I decided to take a chance and bought a three-pack for $6, hoping that at least one would work. To my surprise, all three adapters functioned perfectly.

I’ve tested these adapters with various battery packs, including those from brands like Antec and HyperJuice, and even a generic one my husband picked up at a supermarket. They work well as long as the battery pack provides enough amperage to charge the device.

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