Apple Email Glitch Prevents Users from Receiving Some Messages

Apple Email Glitch Prevents Users from Receiving Some Messages

A TUAW reader has provided evidence suggesting that users of Apple’s email services, such as,, or, may not receive emails from certain bulk email services like Constant Contact, Direct Mail, MaxBulk Mailer, MailChimp, and Sailthru. These emails are not bounced back to the sender; instead, they are completely deleted without notification to either party.

This issue seems to specifically affect HTML emails, as plaintext emails do not appear to be impacted.

Apple Email Glitch Prevents Users from Receiving Some Messages

This situation is particularly concerning as it affects the reliability of Apple’s email services for receiving important communications such as newsletters, order confirmations, and account updates, which are often sent through these bulk mailing services. The problem has been ongoing for several weeks, and there is an urgent need for Apple to address this flaw.

Many businesses rely on email to communicate with their customers, and the use of mail merge technology is common for sending messages to large groups.

If you have subscribed to a service or placed an order and have not received an expected email, it may have been deleted by Apple’s system.

From a personal standpoint, I receive a significant amount of unwanted spam through my Apple email addresses, and often, legitimate emails are mistakenly tagged as junk. Despite efforts to correct this, the issue persists, underscoring the need for improved spam management by Apple.

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