Alfred 2.3 Update Introduces External Triggers and Additional Features

Alfred 2.3 Update Introduces External Triggers and Additional Features

One of the standout tools in my productivity arsenal is Alfred for Mac. It transcends the basic functionality of an application launcher by enabling file searches, application controls, and the initiation of complex workflows to streamline my day. The release of version 2.3 further enhances its capabilities with the addition of external triggers, case-sensitive hotkeys, and more.

The introduction of external triggers is particularly exciting.

Alfred 2.3 Update Introduces External Triggers and Additional Features

Essentially, this feature allows you to activate Alfred using an AppleScript from an external source. For instance, linking a script to a Calendar event can automate tasks at specific times. Additionally, Alfred can be set to determine which application should open a particular file, streamlining the process much more than the traditional “Open with…” command in Finder.

A key upgrade in this version is the implementation of context-sensitive hotkeys.

As someone who prefers keyboard commands over repetitive mouse use, this feature is a significant improvement. Now, hotkeys can be made case-sensitive and can be disabled when specific applications are active, such as Photoshop. This addresses the common issue of hotkey conflicts, making workflow smoother and less frustrating.

Alfred is a staple in my suite of applications on any new Mac I set up.

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