OS X Application Switcher: Mastering More Than App Navigation

OS X Application Switcher: Mastering More Than App Navigation

The Command-Tab key sequence is a staple for seasoned Mac users, providing a quick way to navigate between active applications.

By simply pressing the Tab key while holding down Command, you can cycle through your open applications.

OS X Application Switcher: Mastering More Than App Navigation

Additionally, mastering a few more key combinations allows you to close, hide, or interact with applications in more sophisticated ways.

To enhance your efficiency beyond merely cycling through applications, here’s a handy list of keyboard shortcuts:

  • Command-Tab: Cycles forward through applications.

  • Command-Shift-Tab: Cycles backward through applications.

  • Command-Tab-Q: Closes the currently selected application.

  • Command-Tab-H: Hides the currently selected application.

  • Command-Tab-1: Displays all open windows for the currently selected application.

  • Drag Finder document to Command-Tab: While dragging a document in Finder, activate the application switcher with Command-Tab and drop the document onto the desired application.

We invite you to share any additional tips or tricks you’ve discovered for using the application switcher effectively in the comments below.

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