Apple Refutes iCloud Breach Claims in “Find My iPhone” Hack

Russian Officials Detain Hackers Behind Australian Ransomware Incidents

Apple has clarified in a recent statement to ZDNet that the incidents involving locked devices in Australia were not due to any compromise of iCloud’s security.

The company stated:

Russian Officials Detain Hackers Behind Australian Ransomware Incidents

Apple prioritizes user security. The iCloud system remains secure and unaffected by this incident.

We urge affected users to promptly change their Apple ID passwords and refrain from reusing passwords across different services. For further assistance, users are encouraged to contact AppleCare or visit an Apple Retail Store.

On Tuesday morning, several users reported receiving “Find my iPhone” alerts, which suggested their devices were locked and demanded a PayPal payment for their release.

Reports indicate that users who had previously set a passcode were able to unlock their devices without issue.

For those concerned about security, we have created a detailed guide on how to disable “Find my iPhone” and secure your device with a passcode.

Finally, it is crucial to maintain unique passwords for different online services to enhance security.

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