Apple Implements Two-Step Verification for iCloud and Apps

Apple Implements Two-Step Verification for iCloud and Apps

Update 9/2/2104: It appears that this feature was not fully implemented, as iCloud users are still not required to use two-factor authentication when accessing

In an era where digital threats are increasingly common, two-factor authentication has become a crucial security measure. Apple introduced this enhanced security feature for Apple IDs last year, and now it’s extending it to iCloud and its related applications.

Apple Implements Two-Step Verification for iCloud and Apps

This security protocol requires users to input a verification code sent to their device after entering their password.

However, the rollout of this security feature is still not universal. As reported by AppleInsider, some iCloud users have noted that they are not prompted for two-step verification upon logging in.

When two-step verification is active, you’ll know immediately because your web apps will appear locked and greyed out until the verification is complete, at which point they become accessible again.

An exception to this is the Find My Phone feature. Considering you might need to access this if your trusted device is lost—the same device that would receive your verification code—Apple has wisely made this app exempt from the initial lockout.

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