DIY Adobe Ink Stylus and Slide Ruler for iPad

DIY Adobe Ink Stylus and Slide Ruler for iPad

At the beginning of the year, Adobe launched a new product called Ink & Slide, a stylus and ruler set designed specifically for use with the Adobe Line app on the iPad. This toolset is priced at $200, however, there are cheaper alternatives if you’re willing to DIY.

One of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to replicate the Adobe Ink’s capabilities is by creating a basic Q-tip and aluminum foil stylus, as demonstrated in this CNET video.

DIY Adobe Ink Stylus and Slide Ruler for iPad

This homemade stylus costs under $10 to make and allows for basic drawing on an iPad, though it lacks the pressure sensitivity of Adobe’s proprietary version.

Additionally, the Slide component of Adobe’s set, which is a digital ruler that works with the Line app to facilitate the drawing of straight lines and precise shapes, can also be replicated. The Slide uses two capacitive touch points to communicate with the iPad.

According to this DIY video featured on PadGadget, you can make a similar tool using capacitive foam and a simple screw from any hardware store.

For those who don’t mind a DIY aesthetic, these homemade versions of Adobe’s Ink & Slide can be assembled for less than $30 and in under an hour, offering a substantial savings over the commercial product.


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