Apple Purchased 29 Companies in Past 9 Months, Says Tim Cook

Apple Purchased 29 Companies in Past 9 Months

During a recent earnings call, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that the tech giant has been actively expanding its portfolio through acquisitions. Over the past nine months, Apple has acquired an impressive total of 29 companies, though only nine have been disclosed to the public, leaving 20 acquisitions away from the media spotlight.

This tally does not include the $3 billion acquisition of Beats, which is yet to be finalized.

Apple Purchased 29 Companies in Past 9 Months

Cook shared insights into the company’s aggressive acquisition strategy:

“Excluding the Beats transaction, we have completed 29 acquisitions since the start of fiscal year 2013, including five since the end of the March quarter. Through these acquisitions, we’ve not only acquired outstanding technology but also great talent.

We are diligently working and heavily investing in promising opportunities across our various business sectors, and we are excited about our pipeline of new products and services ready to be unveiled.”

Cook emphasized that Apple’s strategy for acquisitions is very selective and aligned with the company’s long-term strategic goals.

Among the notable acquisitions in the past nine months are the $345 million purchase of PrimeSense in November, known for its motion sensing technology, and the acquisition of LuxVue Technology in early May, a company that specializes in energy-efficient micro-LED technology.


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